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Dean Lorey

US Paperback release of book one -- NIGHTMARE ACADEMY: MONSTER HUNTERS

Bunch of cool new things happening. First off, some more art for you from the always brilliant J.P. Targete. This is from Book 3 (MONSTER WAR). I know folks in the US don't have the book yet, so I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum. I'll only give you the title... MONSTER PINCH. As always, click a couple times for a bigger version (and check out what he's holding in his right hand...)

I get asked a lot if the UK version of MONSTER WAR (now available) is the same as the US version. It is -- with a few small changes. It has been slightly adapted for a UK audience, so a few of the terms are different. For instance, "mother" is replaced by "mum". Other than stuff like that, the books are pretty much identical.

Also, the US paperback release of book 1 (NIGHTMARE ACADEMY: MONSTER HUNTERS) is now available.

You can grab it from Amazon HERE although, as always, your best and quickest bet is to go to your local bookstore -- particularly your local independent bookstore. The paperback edition has some fun new extras in the back -- an interview of me conducted by Theodore Dagget, some excerpts from The Nightmare Division's Guide to the Nether (Drake edition) as well as an excerpt from Book 2 (called MONSTER MADNESS in the US).

I also just heard that the Scholastic Book Fair edition of Book 1 was a big hit and that there were a "fabulous" number of books sold, so hopefully word about the series is getting out!

In other news, we just wrapped our first week of shooting on our newly revamped version of the TV show 'TIL DEATH, starring Brad Garrett. The first episode is done and looks great. We brought in an audience for the taping and it was a bit of a thrill to see them respond so well. We also recorded the audio tracks for an upcoming episode that's going to be animated. It's really cool and I'll share some of the art for it later.

Our other show, BROTHERS, begins shooting next week, so things are going to get very busy. Mike Tyson will be a guest star. He was very funny in THE HANGOVER, so we're looking forward to having him.

The only downside to this TV thing is, as always, all the craft service around. Too much food! I've got to get back in some semblance of shape. Thinking of taking a long walk today. Maybe some time on the dreaded elliptical machine.

Hope all is well with you. Take care...
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